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I am Angry

3 Apr

There are few things that will get us pissed off and makes us want do something about it.

Maybe your cell phone provider is charging you an extra 200 dollars.

Maybe a bully is making your kid cry every day at school

Maybe because your car broke down days after you took it from the dealer

Maybe because your waiter took your order wrong

Maybe because your insurance will not cover damages to your home after a storm



Wouldn’t you want to do something about it to fix i? This is because anger makes us want change. 

I am angry about politicians trying to decide for me

I am angry because Women’s health is not that important anymore

I am angry because my sexual choices are not being respected

I am angry a 4 year child is being molested by her father

I am angry because only 1 of 16 will ever serve jail time


In the next week or so we are launching a campaign at the Houston Area Women’s Center in hopes it will draw attention to issues of sexual assault and child abuse. I’m hopeful this will want to motivate people to get off their couches and take action about something happening in our society every single day.

my inspiration? This woman-watch this video

In April…

2 Apr

Every 2 minutes someone is sexually assaulted in the United States. This means that while I write this someone is being assaulted- a woman, a child or a man. By the time you finish reading this someone life will be changed forever.

Rape is not something you just get, rape is not something you just understand. Even the best advocate doing this work will never be able to fully understand what rape really means to a victim unless that person has experienced it.

Cassandra Thomas describes what rape meant to women who started the Anti-Rape movement…

“…that was not sex that happened to me. I felt like I was being murdered. It was just pain, brutal, tearing pain, like someone was breaking me down. Why does this happen to me? Why doesn’t anyone understand me? Why doesn’t anyone believe me?” 

These loud voices started the Anti-Rape movement 146 years ago. This group of African-American women stared talking about how they were being raped by white men and began to share what rape meant to them.

I’m sharing this for several reasons.

Because it effects me as a woman

Because 9 out o of 10 rape victims are female-

Because 97% of rapists will never spend a day a jail

 I’m sharing this because it sucks that every 2 minutes someone is sexually assaulted.

I’m sharing this because I have nieces, and nephews who are growing up in a rape culture that perpetuates rape.

I’m sharing this because I’ve wonder what I would do if it happened to me? Where would I go? What would I say?

I’m sharing this because April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. These are my humbled 2 cents to the movement and to hoping one day we do not have to worry about young girls and boys being raped.

The below is an excerpt from Cassandra’s keynote speech from the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault. Her words revived my passion of this work and helped me understand the movement that I’m trying to be a part of. 

Voices of a movement


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